Why More People Are Searching For Natural Libido Supplements

Author: Loch Knowles



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At Nood Nutrition, we’re driven by a burning desire to see our clients embrace naturally derived and effective solutions, from potent female libido supplements to hormone balancing extracts.

It’s no secret that there’s increasing curiosity about natural alternatives over chemical based meds. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that every product we provide is clinically backed and efficient in outcomes.

For both men and women, sexual dysfunction can be troublesome to discuss and approach. There’s a wide variety of reasons that this can occur, ranging from stress, circulation issues, age, medication intake, diet, and more. The Nood Nutrition range of female libido supplements has already received rave reviews for their potency and multiple health benefits.

This article is focused on our range of female libido supplements. We’re going to delve into how they work on multiple levels and give our take on why natural alternatives are on the rise.

Our Special Range of female Libido Supplements

All of our natural products have a wealth of benefits for men and women. However, we wanted to shine the spotlight on two in particular female libido supplements that have a certain spark for passionate moments.

Libido Ignite Blend 

The Ignite Blend is one of our crowning achievements comprised of 4 magical and natural elements.

  1. Epimedium Sagittatum
  2. Tribulus Terrestris
  3. Maca Korean
  4. Red Ginseng

Each of these extracts have been used in traditional medicine for generations. Not only do they assist with common ailments that contribute to a decreased ‘drive’ but also have been shown to improve other facets of physiological health.

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant extract that has been used for centuries and even in Ayurvedic medicine. There are several clinical trials that suggest that it is quite a potent driver for desire. On top of this, the substance has also been associated with reported improvement in blood circulation and a healthier immune system.

Maca is another great example of a superfood natural extract, with a strong track record of positive enhancement for intimacy drive.

Butea Superba Extract

Butea Superba Extract is another male libido supplement that we are especially proud to offer. This singularly focused product has been used as a means of increasing sex drive and improving performance for a long time. With some very impressive trials that indicate a stark increase in a variety of functions, this natural herb is a must for those looking at libido supplements that can provide a higher drive. Moreover, it is known for its ability to harmonise the Androgenic and Estrogenic Hormones.

Why Are More People Choosing Natural Male and Female Libido Supplements?

In an age where everything is manufactured en masse, there’s renewed vigour and thirst for a return to naturally occurring solutions. Health consciousness is a big factor in more people’s lives than ever before, and with so many horror stories stemming from pharmaceutically enhanced derivatives, it’s not hard to see why.

We were founded on the prospect of giving people a meaningful alternative to the status quo. Ironically, we are using 100% natural ingredients that have been utilised effectively for centuries but with the addition of refining these plants to a specific standard for potency and efficacy! Our range of female libido supplements is cultivated for the purpose of igniting and boosting quality of life. We offer a hand selected range at the most competitive price giving our customers the holistic experience we set our to deliver.

Naturally derived male and female libido supplements are not only targeted towards one symptom. They approach issues with a wider net, which can assist in elevating a multitude of health ailments that can contribute to poor performance. These can be things such as blood circulation, immune system failings, or anything else.

If you have any questions about our range of male and female libido supplements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! We also wrote an article on Tongkat Ali vs Fadogia Agrestis for those interested in knowing which is better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Natural Libido Supplements?

While our libido supplements are generally safe and made from natural ingredients, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

What are the benefits of natural supplements for increasing energy and libido?

Natural supplements can help to increase energy and libido levels. Natural supplements can provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

Can natural libido boosters be used safely long-term?

Some natural libido boosters may be safe to use for an extended period of time, while others may cause side effects or interact with other medications if used for a long time.

Are there any natural libido boosters for women?

Yes, our libido ignite is designed for both men and women. Our product contains tribulus, maca, korean red ginseng and epimedium sagittatum, which have shown to support healthy hormone levels and sexual function in women. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as different people may respond differently to different natural libido boosters.

What are the side effects of natural libido boosters?

The side effects of natural libido boosters can vary depending on many aspects. all of our products have been used for centuries in their natural state and are considered safe. In rare cases, some may experience mild side effects like nausea, headaches, or an upset stomach.

How does a natural libido booster work?

Natural libido boosters work in different ways depending on the specific supplement. Some natural libido boosters may support healthy hormone levels, while others may improve blood flow and circulation, both of which can impact sexual function. While many have the expectation that this happens instantly, all of our products require consistency and over time the benefits 'arise' and are more so always there, rather than situational. Some people may notice an improvement in their libido within a few days, while others may take several weeks to see a noticeable effect.
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