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Super Mega Stack

Super Mega Stack

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Unleash the ultimate power with our Super Mega Stack, the pinnacle of performance and vitality!

1 x Black Ginger Capsules

1 x Butea Superba Extract

1 x Tongkat Ali Extract (SOLD OUT 6x)

1 x Libido Ignite Blend

Each of these products are our customer favourites, designed to enhance your overall performance and vigour.
While Tongkat Ali is currently SOLD OUT due to its unmatched demand, we're excited to accept backorders for the entire stack.

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    Directions + Supplement Facts

    The Super Mega Stack Daily Routine

    Morning (AM) Routine:

    • Tongkat Ali: 1 capsule (preferably with food and a glass of water).
    • Butea Superba: 1 capsule.
    • Black Ginger Capsules: 1-2 capsules (can be taken with or without food).
    • Libido Ignite: 1 capsule.

    Evening (PM) Routine:

    • Tongkat Ali: 1 capsule (preferably with food and a glass of water).
    • Butea Superba: 1 capsule.
    • Black Ginger Capsules: 1-2 capsules (can be taken with or without food).
    • Libido Ignite: 1 capsule.

    Additional Points:

    • Cycling for Tongkat Ali: Remember to follow the 5 days on, 2 days off cycle.
    • Consistency: It's important to take these supplements at the same times each day for the best results.
    • Nutrition and Hydration: A balanced diet and proper hydration can enhance the effectiveness of these supplements.

    This schedule balances the intake of each supplement between the morning and evening, making it easier to remember and maintain a consistent routine.

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    • Overall Vitality

      When used together, these products offer a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. They improve physical performance, enhance mental clarity, and provide emotional balance, contributing to your overall vitality.

    • Improved Muscle Recovery

      Tongkat Ali Extract is particularly beneficial for athletes or anyone engaged in strenuous physical activities. It aids in faster muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and improving blood flow, allowing you to get back to your workouts sooner.

    • Antioxidant Protection

      Black Ginger Extract is rich in antioxidants, which are essential for protecting cells from oxidative stress and damage. Antioxidants neutralise harmful free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of chronic diseases and slowing down the ageing process.

    • Improved Mood & Wellbeing

      Together Libido Ignite Blend & Tongkat Ali Extract contain ingredients that have mood-enhancing properties. Libido Ignite Blend includes natural mood boosters, while Tongkat Ali has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone, thereby improving emotional well-being.

    • Energy & Stamina Boost

      Black Ginger Capsule & Tongkat Ali Extract supplements are formulated to increase energy levels and improve physical performance. Black Ginger enhances blood flow, thereby increasing stamina, while Tongkat Ali is known for its ability to increase testosterone levels, which plays a significant role in energy and endurance.

    • Spice Up Your Life

      The Libido Ignite Blend & Butea Superba Extract work in synergy to enhance 'bedroom' health. Libido Ignite Blend contains a mix of natural ingredients known for their aphrodisiac properties, while Butea Superba Extract is renowned for its ability to improve 'male member' function. Together, they boost libido and enhance sexual performance, making intimate moments more enjoyable.



    Black Ginger


    The Black Ginger plant is native to tropical South-East Asia, in particular Thailand. Here, the plant is commonly known as Krachai Dam, whilst it is scientifically referred to as Kaempferia parviflora.

    Black Ginger (Kaempferia Parviflora) has been used for centuries as an energy booster and remains one of the most popular supplements to date. It is rich in amino acids, selenium, and antioxidants. The presence of these ingredients proves to a great extent the benefits it has on human health.

    Butea Superba Extract - Nood Nutrition

    Butea Superba

    Butea Superba has been the focus of several studies exploring its potential benefits for E-D. One clinical study involved administering Butea Superba extracts to men aged 30 to 70 for three months, and 82.4% of participants reported a significant improvement in T-production and blood flow after the study.

    Traditionally in Thailand, it is recommended to combine Butea Superba with Black Ginger Extract (another natural herb) as they are synergistic and make an excellent combo for men's health.

    Tongkat Ali Root - Nood Nutrition - on wooden table

    Tongkat Ali Extract

    Tongkat Ali, derived from the Eurycoma longifolia shrub in Southeast Asia, is a traditional favourite for enhancing well-being. Renowned for its ability to naturally boost testosterone levels and aid muscle growth, it's also valued for improving libido and sexual health. This natural supplement is sought after for balancing hormones and enhancing physical performance.

    Nood Nutritions Libido Ignite Blend - All Ingredients

    Libido Ignite Blend

    Libido Ignite Extract from Nood Nutrition is a unique blend of natural ingredients, each selected for their traditional use in supporting vitality. It includes Epimedium Sagittatum, known as Horny Goat Weed, and Tribulus Terrestris, both valued in traditional practices for their supportive roles. Maca, or Peruvian Ginseng, and Korean Red Ginseng are also part of this blend, chosen for their historical use in wellness routines. This combination makes Libido Ignite a choice for those seeking to incorporate traditional herbal support into their daily regimen.

    Don't Just Take Our Word For it

    Real Reviews from Nood Nutrition Customers

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 543 reviews
    Anonymous (Brisbane, QLD)
    Black Ginger

    It is awesome & gets things stirring down below !!

    not yet

    I have been taking 4 capsules a day for 5 weeks and have noticed no benefits whatsoever from these capsules. Very disappointed .

    Anonymous (Melbourne, VIC)
    10 Stars 100%

    I was abit worried at first. But I read all the reviews and decided to buy these products, and DAM I'm really happy that I did!! I've spent alot of money over many years and it was a waste, Everything it says it does on their website I'm telling you they are telling the truth 💯
    I'm 45 years old n what stands out for me is I gym 6 days a week and I do mma Sundays n drive trucks , im 2 days from finishing my 3rd week and this past 3rd week I've noticed great muscle mass and my manhood too, I 100% recommend this especially to Men, thanks heaps NOOD NUTRITION and I got my orders set on AUTO DELIVERY

    Chris D. (Melbourne, VIC)
    Lives up to recommendation

    I was recommended this product and lived up to those recommendations! Felt massive changes in my workouts while seeing body results

    Michael G. (Sydney, NSW)
    Taking in a bundle feeling the difference

    Been taking this in a bundle with black ginger and Tongkat Ali. Really noticed the difference. More energy and stamina in everyday life.


    I think they are under dosed I have other products that have tried seem to be more effective in working !!

    Anonymous (Brisbane, QLD)
    Still waiting

    I purchased 3 packages of black ginger capsules, taking 4 caps a day and have consumed 2 packages. I am starting on my third package without any noticeable improvement. I am still considering whether I should purchase another 3 packages as I'm not sure how long it takes to see results. You may be able to advise.

    Hi Rod! We would be happy to assist here - we do need to know what results you are looking to achieve first and foremost. You can reply directly to this email :) Best, The Team and Nood

    Anonymous (Sydney, NSW)
    Not working yet

    Taking one a day haven’t noticed anything.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the Super Mega Stack Bundle include?

    The Super Mega Stack Bundle is a comprehensive selection tailored for those supporting an active lifestyle. It includes Libido Ignite Blend, Black Ginger Capsules, Butea Superba Extract, and Tongkat Ali Extract.

    How does the Super Mega Stack Bundle support overall vitality?

    This bundle offers a holistic approach to health and well-being. It enhances physical performance, mental clarity, and emotional balance, contributing significantly to your overall vitality.

    Can the Tongkat Ali Extract in the bundle aid in muscle recovery?

    This bundle is particularly beneficial for things like muscle recovery. It works to assist in reducing inflammation and improve blood flow, which is essential for those engaged in physical activities and looking to recover faster.

    What are the antioxidant benefits of Black Ginger Extract in the bundle?

    Black Ginger Extract is rich in antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress and damage. These antioxidants neutralise harmful free radicals, have been known to reduce risk to certain conditions while also aiding in slowing down the ageing process.

    Does the bundle help boost energy and stamina?

    Absolutely! The Black Ginger Capsules and Tongkat Ali Extract are formulated to increase energy levels and improve physical stamina. Black Ginger enhances blood circulation, while Tongkat Ali is known for boosting testosterone levels, essential for energy and endurance.

    How does the bundle improve mood and well-being?

    The Libido Ignite Blend and Tongkat Ali Extract in the bundle contain ingredients with mood-enhancing properties. They work together to improve emotional well-being, with Tongkat Ali known for reducing cortisol levels.